The Year It Began

In the year 2018, a serendipitous meeting took place that marked the beginning of the remarkable story of rugby brothers BrigandZe and Visé. From the moment their eyes met, an instant connection ignited, and love blossomed between them.

Not long after their fateful encounter, Visé, the adventurous goose, spread its wings and embarked on a journey to BrigandZe Beach. The idyllic coastal setting became the backdrop for their growing romance, where they forged an unbreakable bond. As their relationship flourished, an intriguing phenomenon unfolded—the gooses’ mating season seemed to align perfectly with their love story. Nature itself appeared to celebrate their union, adding an enchanting touch to their tale.

Yet, many captivating chapters of their journey are shrouded in the mists of forgotten nights, lost in the depths of inebriated revelries. However, the fragments of memories that remain, albeit hazy, will forever hold a special place in their hearts. And so, BrigandZe and Visé embarked on their happily ever after, continuing their extraordinary journey of love, rugby and companionship.